Photo Tips and Recommendations

Your photo is the most important element in your photo stationery product. To ensure your photo stationery prints at the best quality possible, follow these guidelines:
Photos should be: JPG, BMP, or TIF file format
- 4 MB (megabytes) or less
400-4064 pixels wide - 420-2704 pixels tall

Keep it simple

Keep your photo simple. A single center of interest works best. When you take your photo, try to find a neutral, solid-colored background that won't distract your eye from the subject. Take a few shots so you can pick the one that looks best.
Complex Subject / Busy Background
Not Recommended
Simple Subject

Pick the correct orientation

Some designs work better with a wide (horizontal) picture, and others work best with a tall (vertical) photo. If you have a horizontal picture, it's a good idea to pick a layout that has a horizontal space for your photo. We do provide cropping tools, so it's possible to use a vertical picture in a horizontal layout, but you may find it easier to match your photo to a layout it fits naturally.
Mismatched Orientation
Not Recommended
Matching Orientation

Save in high resolution

Resolution refers to the size of your picture in pixels. Images that are high resolution will result in crisp, clean photo stationery. Images with a low resolution will appear fuzzy, indistinct, and pixellated. Set your digital camera to medium or high resolution. Many cameras default to low resolution - check your manual to adjust.
Low Resolution - Pixellated
Not Recommended
High Resolution

Use a high-contrast photo

Use a photo with high contrast - a large difference between the lightest and darkest areas in the photo. Photos with low contrast, where most of the photo is dark or light, tend to be less distinct and harder to see in the final print.
Low Contrast / Dark on Dark
Not Recommended
High Contrast Image

Other photo stationery tips

Adjust your photo: We do not touch up photos, but you can make adjustments in our interactive design tool. You can convert a photo to black and white or sepia tones, rotate and resize the image, and adjust the placement of the image on your stationery.
Photo source: At this time, we print only one photo on each order of photo stationery. All photos need to be uploaded through our interactive website; we cannot accept discs or physical photos because we want you to be able to control cropping and placement on your photo stationery.
Troubleshooting: If you have trouble uploading a photo, please try the following:
  • Try a different file format - photos need to be a JPG, BMP, or TIF.
  • Try a different size image. Photos that are too small or too large will be rejected - try re-saving your file or re-taking the picture.
  • Turn off your personal firewall or privacy software, which may prevent your web browser from displaying the product preview.
  • Close your browser, restart your computer, and try again.